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Motorized Engines - Sir Handel

Sir Handel (formerly Falcon) is a blue narrow gauge saddle tank engine who works on the Skarloey railway.

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  • Variants
Trackmaster Sir Handel


2007, TOMY Motor Road and Rail

This version of Sir Handel was released in 2007. The release came with 2 black roof branch line coaches and blaring inaccurate grey wheels. He is powered by a double-A battery and runs well on both Trackmaster and TOMY tracks.

TOMY Sir Handel

2007, Plarail

This version of Sir Handel is virtually the same as the last release, this one just being released in Japan.

Plarail Sir Handel

2007, Trackmaster (HiT Toy Company)

This version of Sir Handel is identical to the Motor Road and Rail & Plarail release. The only 2 notable differences are the change in stamping (from TOMY to HiT Toy) and the motor housing going from black to an off-white color. There is a "Sir Handel in Charge" variant that is covered in leaves based on the episode of the same name.

Trackmaster Sir Handel

2011, Trackmaster (Fisher-Price)

The final release of Sir Handel featured quite a few changes from the earlier releases. The differences are, the face now fully covers his smokebox, an updated face to match the older look he gained during the later model seasons, the wheels being corrected from grey to black, the front coupler is no longer detailed in black, there are no more window stickers and he now came with a generic red van.

Trackmaster Sir Handel


  • Runaway Boulder Set


Trackmaster Sir Handel in Charge

Sir Handel in Charge variant

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