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Thomas and Friends Percy: History & Stories

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Percy: The Beloved Green Saddle Tank Engine in the Railway Series


In the heartwarming world of "Thomas and Friends," one character stands out for his charm, endearing personality, and unwavering dedication to the North Western Railway. Meet Percy, the little green saddle tank engine, who holds the esteemed title of the railway's number 6 engine. Throughout the beloved Railway Series, Percy's captivating adventures and lovable character have captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Let's delve into the biography of Percy, his technical details, notable appearances, and some intriguing trivia that make him a unique and cherished member of the Sodor railway family.


Percy's story begins with his construction sometime after the turn of the 20th century by the Avonside Engine Company. After undergoing a subsequent rebuild, he found his way to the North Western Railway, purchased second or third hand from a factory on the Mainland. Interestingly, Percy's construction contains components from various builders, including Hunslet of Leeds, a fact discovered by workers at Crovan's Gate Works.

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Introduction to Sodor

Percy's arrival on the Island of Sodor coincided with a moment of unrest among the big engines. Gordon, James, and Henry were on strike, protesting the task of fetching their own coaches after Thomas left to run his branch line. Recognizing the need for a new tank engine, the Fat Controller visited the engine workshop and discovered Percy, the green saddle tank engine. Percy's willingness to work hard impressed the Fat Controller, who promptly named him Percy and entrusted him with running the branch line while Thomas handled the Main Line with Edward.

Mischievous Beginnings

At the start of his journey, Percy delighted in teasing and playing jokes on the big engines, particularly Gordon and James. However, a perilous incident at Knapford changed his perspective. Forgetting to whistle to the signalman, Percy found himself in the path of an oncoming express train. Fortunately, Gordon managed to stop in time and rescue Percy, leading to a valuable lesson about responsibility and safety.

Friendship and Character Growth

Percy's character took a significant turn with the arrival of Duck, a new engine on Sodor. Under Duck's guidance, Percy found the courage to stand up to the big engines and gained a new sense of confidence. Despite occasional teasing and pranks, Percy became an integral part of the Sodor railway community.

Transition to Goods Engine

With Duck's help, Percy was assigned to Thomas' Branch Line to assist in building Knapford Harbour. Since then, he has become a reliable and indispensable goods engine, known for his hard work and determination to get the job done.

Stay tuned for more on Percy's technical details, his notable appearances, and fascinating trivia that have made him a beloved character in the heartwarming world of "Thomas and Friends."

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Technical Details


Percy is an 0-4-0 saddle tank engine believed to have been built by the Avonside Engine Company of Bristol. However, before his acquisition by the Fat Controller, Percy underwent modifications and received components from other builders, including Hunslet of Leeds. Interestingly, Percy's saddle tank underwent a subtle change in appearance between the earlier volumes of the Railway Series and the television series. In the later volumes, his saddle tank is depicted with a semi-circular profile, while in the earlier ones and the television adaptation, it had an ovular profile.


Percy sports the standard green livery used by the North Western Railway, embellished with red and yellow lining. His number "6" is painted on his bunker sides in yellow with a red outline. With a black running board, red buffer beams, and valences, Percy's appearance exudes a classic charm. Adding to his unique features, he boasts a brass dome that further distinguishes him from other engines.

It is worth noting that while Percy has been depicted with grey coal rails in some illustrations, later volumes of the Railway Series have consistently shown them to be green.

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Notable Appearances

Throughout the Railway Series and other media adaptations, Percy has been an active and cherished character. Some of his most memorable appearances include:

  • "Trouble in the Shed" and "Percy Runs Away" from "Troublesome Engines"
  • "Percy and the Signal," "Duck Takes Charge," "Percy and Harold," and "Percy's Promise" from "Percy the Small Engine"
  • "Thomas Comes to Breakfast," "Daisy," and "Percy's Predicament" from "Branch Line Engines"
  • "Stepney's Special," "Train Stops Play," and "Bowled Out" from "Stepney the 'Bluebell' Engine"
  • "Thomas, Percy and the Coal," "Mind that Bike," and "Triple-Header" from "Really Useful Engines"


Percy's endearing character has led to fascinating trivia and unique connections. Some interesting facts about Percy include:

  • Percy is the only engine known to have been named by the Fat Controller.
  • He is the first engine in the series to have only four wheels, setting him apart from his counterparts.
  • Percy is one of the few characters in the Railway Series not precisely based on a real-life engine, making him a delightful creation by Wilbert Awdry.

Additionally, Percy's popularity transcended the Railway Series and made its way into popular culture. He, along with other characters, was featured on the 1986 single cover of "Oh L'amour," a song by the English synthpop duo Erasure.

Percy: The Endearing Little Green Saddle Tank Engine of the Thomas and Friends Television Series

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Introduction: A Timeless Railway Icon

Within the enchanting world of "Thomas and Friends," one character stands out with his vibrant green color and mischievous smile - Percy, the little saddle tank engine. As the number 6 engine on the North Western Railway, Percy has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, young and old alike. In this article, we delve into the life, adventures, and personality of this beloved character.

Biography: From Strike Helper to Goods Engine

Percy's tale begins when he was summoned to assist during the infamous strike of Gordon, Henry, and James. Handpicked by the Fat Controller himself at an engine workshop, Percy was introduced to the workings of the railway under the guidance of the wise Edward. During the strike, Percy took charge of Thomas' branch line, showcasing his determination and enthusiasm for the job.

After the strike was resolved, Percy's life on Sodor took a pivotal turn. With the renovation of New Harbour, he was permanently assigned to Thomas' Branch Line, where he embraced his role as a dedicated goods engine. Over time, he developed a special bond with the Mail Train, relishing the responsibility bestowed upon him. But perhaps the most cherished aspect of Percy's life is his friendship with Thomas, the blue tank engine, forming an inseparable duo on the railway.

Adventures and Mishaps: Pranks, Races, and Accidents

Percy's cheerful and cheeky personality is reflected in his numerous adventures and escapades. Often found playing harmless tricks on bigger engines like Gordon and James, Percy enjoys a good laugh. However, his pranks sometimes backfire, leading to humorous mishaps that leave audiences amused and endeared.

One notable adventure involved a race with the self-centered helicopter, Harold. Despite Harold's initial dismissal of railways, Percy's determination led to an exciting race, ending in Percy's victory, proving the speed and worth of railway transport.

However, Percy's accident-prone nature is equally renowned. He holds the record for the most accidents in one series, enduring five mishaps during the second series alone. From crashing through buffers to ending up covered in chocolate, Percy's resilience and willingness to learn from his mistakes endear him to both the other engines and the audience.

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Personality: Cheeky, Kind, and Timid

Percy's unique personality is a delightful blend of playfulness, kindness, and a hint of timidity. His cheeky antics often lead to playful interactions with the other engines, particularly the stern Gordon and proud James. Nevertheless, Percy's moral compass is guided by the wise words of the Fat Controller, ensuring he learns from his pranks and becomes a more responsible engine.

Occasionally, Percy's naivety with difficult words and phrases adds an extra layer of charm to his character, showcasing his endearing innocence and innocence.

Friendships: Thomas, Toby, and Harold

At the heart of Percy's adventures lies his unwavering friendship with Thomas. Together, they navigate the ups and downs of railway life, supporting and cheering each other on. Another close friend of Percy is Toby, the kind-hearted tram engine, with whom he shares a strong bond of camaraderie.

Though Percy and Harold initially engaged in a rivalry during their race, they have proven to be supportive friends in times of need. This exemplifies the spirit of camaraderie that runs through the engines of the North Western Railway.

Legacy and Popularity: A Timeless Character

Percy's legacy extends far beyond the confines of the railway tracks. As one of the most beloved characters in the "Thomas and Friends" universe, Percy has left an indelible mark on popular culture. From books, toys, and merchandise to theme park attractions, Percy continues to captivate the imagination of children and fuel their playtime adventures.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Percy in Thomas and Friends

1. Who is Percy in Thomas and Friends? Percy is a little green saddle tank engine who works on the North Western Railway in the beloved children's series "Thomas and Friends." He is the railway's number 6 engine and is known for his cheeky and mischievous personality. Percy plays an essential role on the railway, often assisting with shunting duties and pulling goods trains on Thomas' Branch Line.

2. Is Percy from Thomas & Friends a female? No, Percy is not female; he is a male character in "Thomas and Friends." Despite the vibrant green color and sometimes gentle demeanor, Percy is a spirited and enthusiastic steam engine. He is characterized by his iconic saddle tank design, complete with a charming smile and a reputation for playfulness.

3. What happened to Percy in Thomas and Friends? Throughout his adventures on the North Western Railway, Percy has encountered numerous exciting and sometimes challenging situations. He has been involved in mishaps and accidents, often due to his playful nature or a series of comical pranks. Despite these moments, Percy's resilience and determination always prevail, and he remains a valuable and beloved member of the railway team.

4. Is Percy Thomas's best friend? Yes, Percy is Thomas' best friend in "Thomas and Friends." Their friendship forms a core theme in the series, and they share a deep bond of camaraderie and mutual support. Whether they are pulling trains together, facing challenges, or having playful interactions with other engines, Percy and Thomas exemplify the essence of true friendship.

Conclusion: Percy, the Endearing Green Saddle Tank Engine

In conclusion, Percy, the little green saddle tank engine, embodies the essence of friendship, mischief, and growth. His unwavering determination, cheeky charm, and heartwarming adventures have made him an endearing symbol of joy and life lessons for generations. Whether he's pulling the Mail Train, racing with Harold, or navigating accidents with humor, Percy continues to inspire and entertain young audiences while instilling valuable values. As the wheels of the North Western Railway keep turning, Percy's legacy as a cherished character remains forever in the hearts of fans around the world.