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Thomas and Friends Smudger

In Thomas and Friends, Smudger is a narrow gauge Fletcher Jennings Class Bb who was turned into a generator due to blatantly disregarding rules and regulations.

Thomas and Friends Smudger


In Thomas and Friends Smudger by Duke's accounts, was a rough rider that ignored all advice given to him. His show-off tendencies would lead him to trouble more times than not.


In Thomas and Friends, we are only given a second-hand account of Smudger's life on the mid-Sodor railway with Duke in the season 3 episode "Granpuff". From his accounts, Smudger derailed, ran late, and was rude towards him while riding roughly and trying to show off. Until one-day Smudger was broken up and turned into a generator behind the shed. Duke told this story to warn Peter Sam & Sir Handel (Stuart & Falcon at the time) about behaving.

There are some theories that state Smudger was never real and Duke just told the story to scare Peter Sam & Sir Handel. This is not supported by the episode but it's also not disproven. 

Smudger's story closely resembles Stanley's story in the Railway Series.


In Thomas and Friends, Smudger has the same basis as Rheneas in Dolgoch, an engine on the Tallyn Railway. This engine is a Fletcher Jennings Class Bb and Dolgoch is still in service to this day.

Dolgoch, Smudgers basis in service.


In Thomas and Friends, Smudger is dark green with gold & black lining.

Dark Green
Hex Color: #196300
RGB: (25,99,0))
Hex Color: #9d8b1d
RGB: (157,139,29)

Voice & Whistles/Horns

(George Carlin) Smudger's US Voice

(Michael Angelis) Smudger's UK Voice

Smudger's Whistle

Model & TVS Background

In Thomas and Friends, Smudger's model is Rheneas' model repainted. He had new nameplates and new faces created.

Smudger would only appear in season 3 episode "Granpuff", however, remnants of his character can be seen up to season 18 and beyond. He shares a face mask with Bertram and shares Ryan's whistle. His face masks & whistles have been mistakingly used on a few other characters such as Rheneas and Peter Sam.

There is a theory that Smudger is Bertram, this is neither supported nor proven false by the show. The supporting evidence is that Bertram has the same face mask.

Toys & Merchandise

  • Thomas Wooden Railway  Smudger: This version of Smudger came out in 2009 and was preserved railway discontinued in 2012. 
  • ERTL  Smudger: came out in 2002 and discontinued in 2004. 


4 Smudger's Face Masks

4 Smudger's face masks

Smudger as a Generator

Smudger as a generator

Smudger being told he will become a generator

Smudger being told he will become a generator

Smudger in the show

Smudger in Granpuff

Thomas Wooden Railway Smudger
ERTL Smudger

ERTL Smudger


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