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Motorized Engines - Donald

Donald is a twin mixed-traffic engine with Scottish origins. He is the twin of Douglas.

Table Of Contents
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  • Sets
  • Variants
Plarail Donald


1998, Plarail

This version of Donald runs on TOMY/Plarail/Trackmaster track and is powered from a single AA battery. Unlike most other tender engines in this range, he is powered from the body, not his tender. There is a variation of this model that has a detachable snowplow.

Plarail Donald

2002, TOMY Motor Road and Rail

This version of Donald is practically the same as the 1998 Plarail version.

TOMY Donald

2008, HiT Toy Company

This version of Donald is also nearly identical to prior models, there are a few notable differences, however, the shades of red, yellow, and black are slightly different from earlier versions. He is also stamped with the HiT Toy company logo now and his motor housing is now an off-white color, compared to the black motor housing of earlier models.

Trackmaster Donald

2013, Fisher-Price

This version of Donald, while similar to earlier models has many key differences. His face has been updated, the fonts for his name and number are slightly different. And his front cab windows have been removed.

Trackmaster Donald
  • Thomas Mega Set
  • Donald and Douglas Snowplow Train Set


Donald and Douglas Snowplow Set

Donald (left) with a snowplow.

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