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Thomas and Friends Hank

Hank is the first American engine to appear in Thomas and Friends, he debuted in season 12 and is a large strong tender engine.

Thomas and Friends Hank


Hank has a big heart and is always willing to help. His southern accent helps him stand out along with his massive size, despite almost every other engine being smaller than him he's always jolly and does not belittle.


In Thomas and Friends, Hank is based on a Pennsylvania Railroad (PR) K4s Class Pacific. The K4s were built from 1914-to 1928 and were replaced with diesel along with many other steam locomotives.

The Pennsylvania Railroad (PR) K4s Class Pacific, Hanks basis in service.


Hank is a dark blue with red lining and red wheels. He has accents of grey and white around his body, reminiscent of the American flag.

Dark Royal Blue
Hex Color: #3c4980
RGB: (60,73,128)
Hex Color: #901821
RGB: (144,24,33)

Voice & Whistles/Horns

Hank's UK Voice

Hank's US Voice

Hank's Whistle


Hank had 2 models in the television series for his only appearance. They were made by John Lee and fitted to gauge 1 track. They used 2 servos for the eye mechanism and were held in by his face mask. There were 5 face masks created for Hank all with different expressions, the first being sculpted with clay, and a resin cast was made from a silicone mold. He was powered from the track and his wheels were made similarly to Spencer's. His model is currently on display at Drayton Manor.


  • Thomas Wooden Railway  Hank: produced from 2008 to 2012, he lacks a front magnet due to his cowcatcher. 
  • HiT Toy Trackmaster  Hank:  due to his size doesn't fit on most things like turntables, he is powered from the tender. This version was produced from 2008-to 2009.
  • Fisher-Price Trackmaster  Hank: produced from 2009-2013, he is powered from his body and has some color differences from the HiT Toy version.
  • Take-N-Play  Hank: came out in 2010 and was discontinued in 2013.


5 of Hank's Face Masks

Hanks face masks

Hank's Model at Drayton Manor

Hanks model on display

Hank with his CGI tracking mask

Hank with his CGI tracking mask

Thomas The Tank Engine Hank


Thomas Wooden Railway Hank
Trackmaster Hank

Hanks Fisher-Price Trackmaster model

Trackmaster Hank

Hanks HiT Toy Trackmaster model

Take n Play Hank

Hanks Take-n-Play model

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