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About Us.

Welcome to Kaikki! The go-to shop for used & new in original box products from the wonderful world of Thomas. Whether TOMY, Trackmaster, Take-Along, ERTL, Bandai, and more. We strive to provide the best quality service to our customers possible. 

Kaikki Logo

Kaikki was made because we love Thomas & his friends, and we want to share the love with all of you!

Where Are You Based Out Of?

The sunshine state of Florida!

Can We Be Sure Your Products Are Authentic?

Every product is closely inspected to insure it is authentic and not fake, fakes are not only low-quality but boring toys they are also dangerous due to the fact they usually have lead paint and break into small pieces that a child can choke on. We take ensuring our products are authentic very seriously.

Will You Buy My Old Trains?

Yes, we buy used merchandise from people in Canada, the USA & the UK. Check out our Buybacks page to find out how to sell your merchandise.

Do You Accept Returns?

Yes, we accept returns, as long as its within 30 days everything is eligible for return.

Do You Ship Worldwide?

Yes! Over 98% of countries are supported.